Kello-Bilt Offset Discs

Model 400 for agriculture and construction

This model is specifically designed to meet the extreme conditions encountered in the construction and agricultural industries. For over 30 years these rugged discs have been employed to clear land, build roads and dams, mix and dry soil, and prepare land for reforestation.

  • Weight per disc approx. 320kg
  • Oilbath lubricated taper roller bearings
  • 2 ½” (620mm) main shafts
  • 13” (330mm) spacing and 32” diameter blades
  • Quality two-pack paint
  • Larger and smaller models available
  • Manufactured in Canada

Ag and Civil Direct are aiming the 32” blade 10’ and 12’ models primarily at demanding Civil applications. These units weigh in around 6 tonnes.

Download a brochure for Kello-Bilt model 400
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