Roma 400L

High-technology produce Gooseneck chassis with bin, wide port between blades and chassis, ensuring the machine can contain a large amount of soil, at the same time rolling it perfectly and quickly. The foregoing grader ensures incomparable reliability and precision.

The machine can be supplied in 3 versions:
System controlled manually, direct from the tractor
System operated automatically using the hydraulic control of the tractor, piloted by laser
System with completely separate auxiliary control, with tank and p.t.o. driven independent pump.


  • a folding width for overall size road
  • n° 04 equalizer wheels
  • n° 01 Central Shaft for laser receiver
  • wheel widening
  • Extension turnover
  • Blade horizontal inclination (n. 01 jack complete of tube and switch)


  • 400 L for Horse Power    120-180
  • Blade width        m. 4.00
  • Blade height       m. 0.90
  • Body width         m. 4.00/2.45
  • Length of twin-tire wheels          m. 4.10
  • Length of equalizer wheels         m. 4.60