Roma 600M

A grader incorporating, a laser system. High technology has led us to build a tool that is not only a grader but also a machine that can carry out large earth movements in a very short time thanks to the construction of a broken-line swan neck bin chassis that allows to increase the space between the blade and the chassis in order to carry larger volumes of earth, and thanks to a differential radius blade and a patented bent cutting blade that allows perfect and fast earth rolling thus giving the possibility of moving a large volume of earth rapidly and with low energy.

Perfect for any kind of work: rice-fields, plains for flooding irrigation, double slope plains and any other requirement or type of culture.

  • Horse Power: 280/400
  • Blade width: m. 6.00
  • Blade height: m. 1.10
  • Dimensions in width: m. 2.45
  • Dimensions in length: m. 6.10
  • Weight:  Kg. 4300