Fleming Agri Products have over 150 years experience spanning five generations of the Fleming family. Fleming is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment with dealer networks throughout Britain, Ireland Europe, Australia & New Zealand. Ag and Civil Machinery Direct are pleased to offer a selection of top-quality Fleming product to our New Zealand market.

Muckspreaders – MS1000

Simple, proven, low-cost effluent spreading.

  • 8m3 capacity
  • 8 stud braked axle
  • 550/60/22.5 tyres
  • Heavy-duty balanced rotor.
  • Galvanised lid

Slurry Tankers – large range available

Tankers available from 5,000-11,350 litres

  • Full length reinforced drawbar
  • Fully baffled and braced tank
  • Battioni pumps
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Options include – Autofill, Trailing shoe & recessed axles
  • Specific dust suppression model with spreader bar and rain gun

Bale Tippers – Double or Single

Designed to transport wrapped or unwrapped round bales from paddock to stack.  Also tips bales on their ends for storage

Suitable for both rear and front linkage.

Tip Trailers

Heavy-duty tipping trailers TR1 to TR8

  • Drop side tipping trailer
  • TR8 offers 8,000kg capacity with braked tandem axles
  • Compact trailer (TR1 & TR2) 1.5-2ton options available too


Heavy-duty slashers from 1.8 – 2.75m

  • Gearbox drive (no belts)
  • Deck fabricated from one piece
  • Indestructible HD Boron blade carriers
  • Floating headstock
  • Galvanised skids